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So much of T1D management is about control, but the constant control leads to burnout.   Continue reading


Yep, it’s official. I’ve got a bad case of burnout.
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My basal rates lately are just a giant clusterfuck. Here’s my issue – depending on where I am in my “time of the month,” I require three different basal settings.
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Another “Diabetes” Article that Pisses Me Off

The Washington Post ran yet another article about the increase in diabetes that just pissed me off.  While this article does give brief mention (buried in the middle) about the differences in the two types of diabetes, it doesn’t clearly explain that the studies being discussed pertain to the worldwide increase in TYPE 2 DIABETES, not T1D. 

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T1D in the News

A few recent newsclippings related to T1D -

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“Cures” that Piss Me Off

I don’t have a child, but I can understand the desire parents have to do whatever necessary to keep their child healthy.  And I do have T1D, so I really feel the need to comment on the false information that is being spread around via the web.

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Eating Out

I love to eat out, but I really hate that T1D, my sidekick, always has to come along with me for meals.  I’ve discussed how much I love the restaurants that post their nutritional information online, but sadly the places I really love to eat out at never have this information available.  I work downtown and am surrounded by delicious, yummy places to eat, none of which offer nutritional information.  This makes bolusing a bitch.    Continue reading

Sonia Sotomayor and the Children’s Congress

Some coverage of Justice Sotomayor’s discussion at the JDRF Children’s Congress in D.C.

JDRF Children’s Congress and Sonia Sotomayor!

JDRF is hosting its Children’s Congress here in DC today.  It’s an event that brings children with T1D from around the country to DC to speak with leaders in Congress about the importance of finding a cure (or even some better treatment options) for T1D.  Continue reading

D No-Nos

A while back, someone posted on TuDiabetes to ask D folks about all the things they do that they know they shouldn’t (because of having diabetes).  I thought of this tonight when I was running around cleaning up and taking care of shit and then realized that it had been 6 days since I changed out my site.  Yes, that’s right – SIX DAYS.  Continue reading


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