The Health Policy Debate

The United States is in the middle of a health care debate.  To be fair, we’ve been in a health care debate for a couple of decades now, but our partisan system has only chipped away at the problem.  Finally, though, something is really being done about the issue.

You may wonder what makes me qualified to speak about this issue.  Well, quite a few things actually.  First, I live with T1 diabetes.  While I’ve been fortunate to generally be pretty freaking healthy (despite that whole nonworking pancreas thing), I have a lot of experience with our health care system because, well, it keeps me alive.  Second, I work in the field of health policy, and have a background in both public policy and public health.  Yep, that’s right.  I’m one of the folks who spends a great deal of time working (for the government, actually) to try and make health care better.  I can’t really say in what capacity I work because my job entails a certain amount of discretion (hence the reason I don’t use my real name here).  But let’s just say I sort of have a front-row seat in our nation’s health policy debate, including some direct observations about what’s being done to make things better and where the issues are.

Until now, I have avoided writing about anything remotely political on this blog.  But after this election, I am beginning to feel like I just can’t hold back any longer. I have so many thoughts, observations, and things I want to say based on my experience both as someone who needs health care to stay alive and as someone who is watching this whole health care thing in our country unfold.

That all said, don’t be surprised if you start seeing my write more posts about this topic.  If this kinda thing doesn’t interest you, I am sorry, but I’ve always had a hard time keeping my mouth shut.

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