DOC and Twitter Awesomeness

Gotta love the Twitterspehere (is that a thing? Or am I just making up words again?). I was at a conference yesterday and, like all conferences these days, participants were encouraged to live tweet the discussions using a special hashtag.

I’m relatively late to the game of tweeting, but have found it fun to tweet during conferences and see what others around me are saying/thinking.  It’s almost like reading the thoughts of people around me. Which is why I found it hilarious that another T1 DOCer was tweeting from the same event!  Just a few rows up!

Long story short, we were able to connect via Twitter and got to hang out together during lunch. There was BG testing, comparing of our external pancrei, bad endo stories, and a fun game of “guess the carbs in my plate of buffet food” (which was surprisingly low-carb, although I was 197 two hours later so I clearly under bolused for something).

Anyhoo, there’s always something so fun about connecting with another T1 in person. And this had to the mother of all strange coincidences!

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