I’m Back!!

I have taken a long hiatus from blog writing because life seemed to get in the way. But I am back and going to try and resurrect this blog. Why have I been away?  Well, I am pregnant.


Yep, that’s right.  And I’m pretty pregnant at this point, going into my 7th month. I feel fantastic and have been fortunate to have very few diabetes-related complications/issues.  The first trimester sucked, but I was able to eat almost anything I wanted (which wasn’t much, thanks to constant nausea and puking) with very little insulin. It was strange.  One day I ate pasta (yes, PASTA) without a bolus and my BG barely went above 110.  Granted, I had basal insulin, but still, I’m used to easily cruising into the 300s with foods like pasta, which is why I rarely eat them.

But then week 14 or so rolled around and that glory slowly came to an end. As the baby grew, so did my insulin requirements. I am now at the point where my daily insulin intake has doubled. I suspect this would be more significant if it weren’t for the low-carb diet I’m trying to stick to and the intensive amounts of exercise I’m still managing to keep up with.  But it’s weird to see TDDs in the 40s when I generally stick to around 20 units a day (give or take).

All in all, I’ve been pretty fortunate so far that any issues have been minimal. I am still able to work and do most of what I usually do, albeit with greater sleep requirements….which can be hard when the baby decides that midnight to 6AM is party time!  I am looking forward to meeting this little kiddo. I’ll probably keep most pregnancy-related details off the internets (including pics, sorry).  But if you’re a T1 and pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, feel free to email me with any questions.  I’ve learned a lot throughout this experience and am happy to distribute any wisdom I have acquired thus far on this crazy journey.

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