Control in Pictures

Ah, the Dexcom G4. It’s impossible to express how much I love this little gadget. What I am finding most is that it really helps me uncover a lot of stuff I can’t see when using just a meter. For example, take the picture below.  My meter tests on this day were perfect.  What I wasn’t able to see with my meter were the dips and spikes occurring in between finger pricks.  I wouldn’t have captured a single one of those lows or highs with my meter, because they weren’t times I planned to test (but test I did and DEXter was spot on).



Another thing I love about DEXter (my new name for this gadget) are the directional arrows. A finger prick will not tell me if I’m rising or falling, nor how rapidly that rise or fall is occurring. The picture below shows a reading that was a tad high 2 hours after lunch. Had that 184 popped up on my meter, I would have undoubtedly corrected, and that would have been followed by a low.  But with my handy Dex, I knew correcting wasn’t a good idea because I was already heading down. Sure enough, I followed DEXters advice and was back in range 30 minutes later. These directional arrows are also good for fast drops – I’ve had several “double arrows down” and each time they helped me avoid what I know would have been a really scary low.



This next picture shows where my basal rates just weren’t working (thank you pregnancy-induced insulin resistance!) Again, a helpful image because it means I have the ability to catch these things before the week is up (I upload to CareLink weekly).  Because I’m growing a human, this has become even more important.


So that’s success with the Dexcom G4 (in pictures)! What I can’t capture in pictures is how much safer I feel with DEXter.  Before DEXter, little things like going out for a walk, driving, or riding public transit would sometimes (frequently) give me pause.  I would worry about falling onto the Metro tracks or crashing my car. Or even sitting through a long meeting without the ability to go check my blood sugar. With the Dexcom, it’s a simple matter of just glancing down at the device for reassurance to know what I need to do in a given moment. It makes life….easier.

While I love my Minimed pump, I have to admit that my experience with the Dex has me seriously considering switching to the Animas pump when the integration with Dexcom is complete. I never thought I would type those words, but there you have it.  The ability to have this Dexcom technology integrated with my pump would be awesome fantastic absofuckinglutelyincredible. I love my Minimed pump but I would love it even more if I didn’t have to carry around multiple devices. And the waterproofyness (is that a word?) of the Animas pump also has me quite interested. Perhaps I will give my friendly Animas rep a call…..

A few improvements I would really like to see with the Dexcom G4:

  • Mac compatibility!! Why oh why can’t you upload your data via a Mac?? And while you’re at it, give me an iPhone app that allows me to review my data on the go.  #firstworlddiabetesproblems
  • Speaking of reviewing data, why can’t I go back in time (like over the period of week) on the device itself? I hate that I can’t scroll through past results to see what has happened over the last several days. That’s really annoying, ESPECIALLY when I have no ability to upload my data via my Mac.

But these are small potatoes and I’m sure such kinks will get addressed in the near future.  For now, I’m one REALLY happy Dexcom customer.

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2 responses to “Control in Pictures

  • Natallia

    We absolutely love using the Dexcom on our 2 year old! And I often think if I had to choose between the pump and Dex, I would definitely keep our Dex :) The trending arrows are amazing and have saved us from many severe lows while his A1C went down from 8.2 to 6.2 in less then one year that we have been using the Dexcom.

  • StephenS

    Absolutely agree with your happiness with DEXter. I’m using one as part of a clinical trial, and I kind wish I could keep it after. Great post.

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